Sunday, 23 October 2011

"Trente et quarente" ( modanio)

"Trente et quarente" ( modanio)- 52 c, blanck backs, no jokers or indexes.
Trente et quarente is a gambling game much played in the Italian casinos. it is played with small (8x5 cm) cards , as shown here.
This pattern is known as the "Trente et Quarente pattern" . However, in the famous "all cards on the table" by Sylvia Mann, it is known as the "international pattern" the latter name, is more inconvenient, for it generally refers to the double faced English pattern ( the common "poker "or "bridge " cards)

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  1. Fine work.
    'Modanio' is wrong, the correct
    write is 'Modiano'.
    Same 'Englisk' and 'English'...