Friday, 14 October 2011

Salzburger bild "Einfachdutche"

Salzburg pattern/ "Einfachdutche" ( single german)
This deck is by ASS Altenburger
it is of 36 cards.
some features to note:
- the tens, as usual, have the large romn numeral "X" on them.
- the 6 of bells, with the additional acorn and heart suit marks, on which is written "WELLI"- this card is apparently used as a sort of top trump in local games.
- as with the saxon pattern, we have charming scenes at the bottom of the cards, but they are of a more pastorial nature than the whimsical ones on the saxon patten,
This deck is also made by some Italian makers ( despite that it has german suit symbols) and in decks of 40 cards ( german decks have at most 36 cards, as here)

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