Friday, 7 October 2011

"feine quitili karten"

"neccesity is the mother of invention"
the picture you see above you are eight cards from a deck of quittili or quitili or  cards.
this deck is used by central european Jews to avoid religious restrictions regarding the "devil's picture-book"
the deck is of 24 cards, comprising of a dozen values, from 1- 12, indicated by the appopriate roman number.
the 2s and 11s are enclosed in a frame.
the only maker , to my knowledge of this deck, is piatnik of austria.
the game played with them, until relatively recently, remained  a mystery, due to the fact that ( apparently) the only users of these cards were members of the tight-knit Hasadic jewish communtities in new york. however, thanks to the marvel of the internet, the rules of this game emerged on

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