Sunday, 9 October 2011

"cuccú " cards

By masenghini.
40 cards, 20 subjects repeated twice,
viz:10 pictures, 10 numbers,
the highest card is numbered 15 (XV in roman numbers) with an owl on it.
there are 2 diffrent "XV" cards in the deck, as you can see with the image.
the pictures stop at XI (11) and then procced to a series of 10 cards, each numbered with a larg roman number, with an identical lakeside secne on each.
note the unusual way of writing "9", as VIIII rather than IX.

the numbers go down to IIII, III, II and I
then, we encounter a card, with the image of a yellow circle in which is the word "NULLA"( zero).
below it, there is a motley crew of subjects, evidently representing negative values like a fool ("MATTO"), a lion, and a bucket

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