Thursday, 6 October 2011

russian playing cards

Russian playing cards, c. 1950
54 cards, 2 jokers, (identical)
I would greatly appreceate if anyone would translate the inscriptions on the cards


compare this with a deck from 2010


  1. В-валет (jack),
    Д-дама (queen)
    К-король (king)
    Атласные- satin
    this deck was designed by the artist Sharleman, who create Russian coat of arms
    actually, other Russian (soviet) decks is piece of art too:
    if you interested in Russian Playing Cards e-mail me:

  2. There are small digits «I-73 г» in the lower right corner of the box, very likely indicating the production date: January 1973, not 1950 (г stands for год -- year)