Thursday, 6 October 2011

paris pattern cards ( Anon)

A very curious deck.
It is unvarnished ( the cards are matte) and has blanck backs.
Perhaps it is because the manufacturer noticed that the bonnets on the jack of clubs and diamonds were uncoloured, stopped the run, and sold the cards cheaply? ( I got this deck from the venerable R. sommerville, who retailed this at the glorious sum of a pound a deck)
Whoever he is, the printer would likely remain unknown. he does not give his name anywhere on the deck.
the deck is of 56 cards, 3 jokers & a bridge score card.
An  interesting( aldough by no means unusual) feature of this deck is the fact that the court cards are unnamed. normaly, on a paris pattern, the courts bear names of famous personalities (e.g- launcelot, charles, pallas, David) , but this feature has increasingly frequently be left out by modern makers.

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