Friday, 10 February 2012

Gnav cards

"Gnavspil" ( gnav cards), S. Salomon & co. , reprint by SALK, 42c.  The game of 'Gnav" is a Danish descendant of the cuccú cards
, and when comparing the decks, the similarities are obvious.The game later spread to Norway, where it is more common ( I got this deck in Denamrk, at "den gamle by", the famous open air museum. The game is practicaly extinct there)

Gnav is usually played with small pieces , much like chess pawns. they have a little circle of paper pasted on their bottom, and by lifting up the piece, the value may be reckoned. However, sometimes, the game is played with cards, as shown here.

The highest ranking cards , which are shown below are [ L-R], the cuckoo, dragoon, cat , horse and house. These cards are collectively known as "matadors" and have special powers in the game
Below them are the numbers. They rank from 12 -0.

Now, the numbers run from 12 (XII) to zero (0) Below them , like in the cuckoo deck, a motley crew of subjects, viz; the fool, pot and owl ( in descending value)

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