Monday, 6 February 2012

"Pygmy playing cards" ( De la rue)

"Pygmy playing cards" ( De la rue), c. 1895, 52c.
The following patience deck ( 3 x 4.5 cm) is from 1895, and goes under the name of "Pygmy playing cards"
The deck how some very interesting features:
1- note the pips ( suit-signs) of the cards. They have a pair of letters set into the suit signs. These are a very early version of the "index signs" ( the little numbers and suit signs) that we are so familar with on our cards today.De la rue called this  feature "dexter indexes"
2- Note the aces. they have a little frame in the side, in the shape of the suit, that says "ace". Likewise, to accomodate the "dexter" indexes,  The pips of the 2s and 3s have been shifted to the sides, as you can see in the 3rd image.
3- Note the Jacks. the index sign on them says  "Kn". This is a short form for "Knave"- the old word for a jack.

Oh, and by the way, wishing Q. Elizabeth II a very happy 60th jubilee.
viva regina!

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  1. I own a set of PIGMY playing cards by Thos.De Larue. It is a double pack box and all the cards are there. I am looking to sell them should you be interested