Thursday, 2 February 2012

"Jie mi pu ke"

"Jie mi pu ke" ( 解密撲克)[ mystery solving poker"] -- "卡之王" ( "kazhiwang" , "king of cards") 54c.

 The following children's deck is a testament to Chinese ingenuity. Aldough the deck is printed on poor quality cardboard, and the printing is much off register, the maker managed to squeze six seperate decks into the space of a patience sized one .
as you may see, the majority of the card is taken up by a depiction of a superhero . however, notice that, beside the index signs, there are a pair of dice values.  there is also a circle, in which contains one ofthe symbols for "rock-paper-scissors".
to illustrate these features [and more] more clearly, I have labelled them bellow:

1- the standard index-signs
2- a pair of dice-values. evidently used as a substitute for dice
3- "rock paper scissors" symbols. - as above
4-"defence power"  - evidently used for a sort of comparing game
5- "attack power" - see above
6- a series of stars, each card hsving a diffrent number. Perhaps used for a comparing game?

The box that contains the cards, bears the legend:
" Jie mi pu ke must not be used for gambling"
This is all for a very good reason, as the cards come supplied with a little plastic sheet. if you place the backs of the cards to the plastic sheet, their value may be discerned.

note the faint "3 ❤"

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