Thursday, 26 June 2014

Dutch scenic aces / 2 - "Prima speelkaarten 1410"

"Prima speelkaarten 1410" ( Dutch pattern) , anon[?], 32c. + 6 of hearts

The present deck is yet another "scenic aces", but this time, the pictures depict scenes from the Netherlands, The scenes are exquisitely detailed line drawings, but unlike most examples, uncoloured.

Spades - Maasbruggen Rotterdam / Delftsche poort Rotterdam
Clubs - Station Groningen / Kasteel biljoen velp (GLD)
Hearts - Utrecht kromme N. Gracht / Gouda aan de gouwe
Diamonds  - Hoofdvaart assen / voorstreek Leeuwarden

The deck also possesses an extra card, a six of hearts. This brings the total number of cards to 33 instead of the usual 32. The extra card is included for use in the game of Pandoeren, ( see )

Spades and clubs
Diamonds and hearts. Note the queen of diamonds, who holds a bird in her hand.

The aces

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