Thursday, 1 May 2014

Dutch Scenic aces 1- "Bridge plastic coated

"Bridge/canasta plastic coated" [Scenic aces], anon, 52c + Joker ( incomplete?)
We present here an example of a particular genre of playing cards, the "scenic aces". These cards have been produced since the 19thc, and are particularly popular in the Netherlands and Belgium. What sets them apart is the depiction of landscapes on the Aces.

The court cards themselves are unremarkable, being of the standard "Belgian pattern" .

Observe how each side of the ace contains a different landscape.
Here are closeups of the Aces.
The landscapes here appear to be sorted out by Geographical region. England, is represented by Big Ben and Canterbury cathedral. Europe, by the Doge's palace and the Eiffel tower, Africa/Asia by the sphinx and Borobudur, and America by the Capitol and the statue of livery.

Note the depiction of the statue of liberty on the ace of spades. Compare it with the depiction in

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