Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Crooked playing cards- US games systems

" The Crooked deck "- US games systems - 52c. + 3 jokers
We have here another of the species of novelty cards. These cards ( of which there are many makers, ) possess the feature of being cut into a curious shape
As you may see from the picture, not only are the cards themselves bent into this curious shape, but the images upon them are also distorted in this fashion. This is particularly prominent in the court cards.

One of the three jokers has the following inscription upon it. I find it worthy of being quoted here in whole:


What some of our delighted customers have said about the CROOKED DECK...
"This is the best deal I've had in years..."Hot Hands Herbie, Poker Flats, Idaho
"Will add a new twist to your card parties..."
Mrs Zelda frobishier, Crooked creek, Pa.
"You will get ine fast shuffle from the CROOKED DECK ...'
Arnold freed, President, A.freed novelty inc.
In view of the age old truths that all glitterings are not rhinestones nor iron birds a cage make; then we cannot in all justification refund part or whole of purchase under any conditions which.
Rather surprisingly, given the odd shape, these cards are surprisingly easy to hold and grip, at least much easier than the circular decks.
The cards in hand

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