Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Circular playing cards-- Fournier

"Circular" -Fournier- 48c. + 2
 Another circular deck, this time from the Spanish maker Fournier. This deck is another example of the circular sort, save that it uses Spanish suits instead of the more common French ones.

 the suit of coins
as with the house of marbles deck, Fournier seems to have come up with more or less an identical solution to the placement of the pips and court figures on the deck. ( for a more conventional spanish deck, see
However, unlike the house of marbles deck, which has 6 indexed around the circumference, this one has 4.
The suit of cups-- Again, much as coins.


Swords: I find the placement of the swords , with their tips all pointing towards the center, vaguely threatening.
For another example of circular playing cards, see:

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