Thursday, 10 March 2016

Dutch Scenic aces 4 :Hooghoudt

"Hooghoudt: 56 Geplastificeerde Speelkarten". Cartamundi, 52c+2

The following deck is a pleasing advertising deck made by the distillers Hooghoudt. Most advertising decks carry the advertisements on the back only. However, the traditional Dutch scenic aces offer additional possibilities. Instead of the traditional "views of the world", the scenic aces here display views around the company's brewery.

Spades and clubs. This is the same "Dutch pattern" as seen in the Prima speelkaarten 1410, but admittedly more colourful. 

Hearts and Diamonds. Note the rather tasteful use of purple in the Queen of diamond's dress. 

The Scenic aces. Unlike the other decks ( as Here and Here), the Hooghoudt deck is illustrated using photographs-- a suitable modernization. 

The other side of the aces. 

One of the Jokers and the back. Although the title of the deck says "56 cards" ( implying 4 jokers) only 2 are present in the deck. They are the standard Cartamundi Jokers. 
The backs advertise Hooghoudt Beerenberg , a sort of spiced gin. The alcoholically inclined reader may find the following link useful: . Be prepared to enter your date of birth. 

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