Saturday, 30 November 2013

"Cego speilkarte" (FX Schmid)

"Cego speilkarte" -- FX Schmid, 54c. ( printed c.  1975)

Here is another Tarock deck, published by FX schmid. Although I have seen many pictures of this deck ever since I started collecting, I have only recently came across one such deck on sale-- on Ebay.It is apparent that this deck is no longer printed. The present deck ( which I incline to call the "cego tarock") differs greatly from any other tarock deck.

This pattern is extremely similar to the bourgeoisie tarot.( and I shall attempt to point out the distinguishing features of this deck as I go along.
As you can see, the numbers indicating the value of the trumps are located in the centre of the cards. Likewise, the trump cards are illustrated by pastoral scenes. Note the fool ( 1st from left) He is dressed in green wearing a red hat, and playing a mandolin. This particular card is often an invaluable aid in distinguishing decks.

Here are the rest of the trumps of this deck.
The court cards: Note the jack of clubs ( 4th from left) he wears a shawl over his shoulder.

as you can see, the figures in this deck are rendered in a markedly different style from the other decks, with a greater use of green

Note the knight of diamonds ( 3rd from left). his back faces the viewer. This card is almost identical to the knight of diamonds in the bourgeoisie tarot

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