Thursday, 5 September 2013

"Playing cards" ( International pattern VII)

"Playing cards"[ international pattern]  ( Anon) , 52 +2 c.

The following example of the international pattern is somewhat of a curiosity. The only information of the maker is 'made in china". Despite this, our anonymous maker has clearly put some effort into his designs, as they are far more elaborate than more conventional decks, indeed, by more exalted makers.
For comparison, see, for a more ordinary deck

Observe how the maker has carefully layered the blue and yellow to give the impression of green on some of the cards
The deck comes with two jokers. One is shown here. Unlike most modern decks, not all of the suit signs are in the top left corner. This feature is common to more ancient decks, printed before the late 19thc.
Here is a comparison with a more conventional deck, in this case, the famous bicycle brand

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