Friday, 16 August 2013

Oracle patience-- two descriptions

This game of patience( or solitare, if you prefer), is perhaps unique amongst all it's relatives, as it is the only one that propounds to be of a oracular nature. I have so far only came across descriptions of it in 2 books, Basil Dalton's games of patience ( first printed 1924, Richards press limited. this edition sept.1941), and games of patience for one or more players by Miss Whitmore Jones ( second edition, L . Upcott Gill, no date*). I reproduce here scans of the relevant pages from the two texts.
* I guess the late 19th, early 20th century?

 Basil Dalton's "Games of patience" . Despite the fact that it is dated 1941( in the middle of WWII), the book is printed on surprisingly good laid paper

Miss Whitmore Jones' Games of patience for one or more players .

 Note that the cards in the illustration are actually of the Paris pattern, despite the book being printed in England. I suspect that the reason is that only people who had ready made playing card type were the French. The English printer, who could not be bothered to have English playing card type made for him, decided to use what was already in existence

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