Thursday, 29 November 2012

Binokel/Gaigel ( Württemberg pattern)

"Binokel/Gaigel" (Württemberg pattern), Nürnberger spielkarten verlag- 48c. ( 2 x 24)

We again have another oddity. This edition of the Württemberg pattern by Nürnberger spielkarten differs substantially from other editions. For starters, the figures look very different from other editions, but on closer examination, this edition at least follows the spirit of the design.

 Note the following differences from the more standard pattern: ( see

1- The obers do not have the word "ober" written out on them in full ( as per the standard pattern)
2- The ober of leaves does not wear a turban, or carry a whip [ but he and the others ride really cute horses :) ]
3- The central row of hearts in the tens are coloured yellow and green, like the " type S" barvarian pattern
4- A champange bottle with it's cork flying out of it's neck is depicted on the ace of acorns

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