Saturday, 6 October 2012

Tarot 1JJ - Müller

Tarot 1JJ- Müller- 78c.
 As this post will both mark my blg's first anneversary, and 100th post, I decided to do something special..............
 The following deck I am about to present holds a rather special place in my heart and collection- The tarot 1JJ by Müller.This deck was the first deck in my collection, and the circumstances surronding it's purchase are worthy of some explanation:
  It was in late 2009, Whilst I was shopping in London . Entering a toy shop, ( since defunct) I noticed a deck which was markedly different form the others. It was taller than other decks for one, and printed on it's label was the legend
under which was the illustration form "the sun". Armed with the knowlede that such decks were once used for games ( Gratis the QI annual), I seixed upon the chance and purchased it.

 When I peeled back the cellophane wrapper, I was in for a bit of a shock. I knew that other countries ( like Italy & germany) used different suits than hearts, diamonds, spades & clubs. However, nothing could prepare me for the sheer amazement as I viewed the cards one by one...

I first noticed the delightful illustrations on the trumps- The grace of the figures, the gaiety of the colours, and the exotic french titles to the cards
( Incidentally, I later learnt that JJ in the deck's name, 1 JJ , stood for "Junon"and "Jupiter"- taking the place of the usual Popess and Pope. The change was in part due to political correctness)

More trumps-

The top 5 trumps and the fool

Next were the court figures. They were rendered as elegantly as the trumps, brandishing their suit symbols with grace- never had I seen more beautiful cards!

The kings & fool (again)



Nor did the pip cards themselves lack illustrations......
And With such a beautiful deck, How is it not possible to resist trying to find more like so?

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