Sunday, 6 May 2012

William tell / Viennese large crown pattern ( Piatnik)

William tell / Viennese large crown pattern ( Piatnik) - 36c.

The following deck is a very curious deck. It is comprised of 2 patterns of playing cards, the Viennese large crown, and the William tell pattern, one at each end of the card . I like to call such decks "Janus"decks.

 The motivation for producing such chimeras , is that in some countries, like Austria, card-players use two diffrent types of playing cards, which are completely diffrent from one another. Therefore , as a comprmise, makers sometimes print such decks, with one type of card at one end, and the other at the other end. Therefore, the dispute is settled.
 Also note that this deck has 6s. Normaly, Austrian large crown decks do not have 6s.

Here are the number cards of the deck. Note the decoration on the german suited side, which is     copied faithfuly!

Here is the same deck, with the french suited side facing upwards

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