Friday, 16 March 2012

The international pattern VI- Dal negro

Dal negro - "Poker 36" - 36c.
In our journey through the internatioal patterns, we shall now proced towards cards made by European makers. The most famous of these is the belgian cartamundi, but I shall now show a  very curiosus deck made by the Italian maker Dal negro.
  This deck is  unusual, for it does not have 52 cards in it. Rather, it has 36 cards, breaking to 9 cards in each suit, viz;
     6 ,7 ,8 ,9 ,10 , Jack  Queen,  King , Ace
In  europe, as some of my readers may know, it is normal to have decks to contain less than 52 cards, but it is very unusual to have a deck of the international pattern treated as such. One can only wonder what games are played with it. 

The deck aside,  the cards are not very unusual.
I note the similarity to the waddingtons deck ( see
II- note the ace of hearts. it bears a little stamp that bears the makers name. this feature is perculiar to european makers.
III- note the Jack of clubs. along the middle of the figure, is a band that bears the maker's name. This feature is almost never found in Englush made cards, save the earliest ones.

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